“Farm Kids” Never Doubted Themselves or Relìv Dave & Betty Blazic, Independent Reliv Distributors and Presidential Silver Ambassadors.



Presidential Silver Ambassadors Dave and Betty Blazic are two “farm kids” who prefer their quiet, rural community of Topeka, Kansas, over life in the big city.

"The opportunity to build a business directly from the backyard of our farmhouse was one of the main reasons why we joined Relìv." Dave says.

The Blazics had looked at two other businesses before deciding to become Relìv Master Affiliates in April of 2001.

Doubts about those businesses literally kept me awake at night, Betty says.  But I had peace about Relìv from the start —it was a business both Dave and I could see ourselves doing.

By becoming teachable and plugging into the Relìv System, which included making the three-hour round trip to Kansas City for meetings and training every week, the Blazics earned $63,000 their first calendar year in Relìv. They doubled that the following year and almost tripled it a year later. In the process, they helped establish a System in Topeka.The new Relìv Presidential Directors are now setting their sights on reaching Gold Ambassador.



The Road to Presidential is open to everyone — regardless of who you are, where you live, or how much education you have, Dave notes. Because capturing the
vision isn’t about what you can see. It’s all about believing — in yourself and your ability to get whatever you want.